Le Turbo Avedon

AKA have been appointed by The Factory to create campaign plans for their launch, scheduled for 2020, building on our work with Manchester International Festival. Ahead of the launch of this inspiring new space we are supporting pre-launch activity starting with Virtual Factory.

Manchester’s mult-imillion-pound cultural space The Factory is being re-imagined by international artists through a series of commissions from Manchester International Festival.

Influential avatar artist and curator, La Turbo Avedon, has created a new work for Virtual Factory, Your Progress Will Be Saved. This has been built on an island in the gaming platform, Fortnite Creative.

Designed in the real world by Rem Koolhaas’ OMA architectural practice, it’s believed to be the first major cultural building to be recreated in Fortnite. It will be the first to be launched virtually, before it opens in real life.

Your Progress Will Be Saved will be based around mirrors, taking visitors on a constantly evolving journey through shifting spaces, across illuminated dance floors and into private booths, experimenting with and blurring the distinctions between what we call the real and the virtual worlds.

Gamers and non-gamers will be able to experience Your Progress Will Be Saved, which is free to try by playing the full game in Fortnite Creative, choosing their own adventure in an adapted journey on the Virtual Factory website and taking tours of LaTurbo’s intervention on Twitch.

“Virtual Factory reflects a time when we are increasingly inhabiting non-physical environments, from social media and virtual reality to live-streamed theatre and videogames,” explained Gabrielle Jenks, Digital Director at Manchester International Festival.


The Factory will be ultra-flexible, enabling large-scale artistic work of invention and ambition that isn’t made anywhere else. Dance, theatre, music, opera, visual arts, popular culture, and innovative contemporary work, incorporating the latest digital technologies, will come together in ground-breaking combinations, which will be premiered in Manchester before travelling the world. It will offer space for the world’s greatest artists and thinkers to make, explore and experiment, and for communities and individuals from Manchester and beyond to meet, exchange ideas and learn new skills.