Manchester International Festival

To support Manchester International Festival’s ever-growing national and international reputation, AKA North planned and executed a multi-channel advertising campaign to drive awareness and ticket sales. The main focus of our media strategy was to remain flexible and responsive to sales: through our digital programmatic campaign with Quantcast, we allowed MIF to employ various unique creatives that they could switch-on and off depending on sales performance. Ultimately, this activity achieved 11.3 million impressions and a CPA 83% stronger than benchmark. Equally, our use of digital outdoor formats and press allowed us to deliver a dynamic campaign, upweighting creative to remain responsive. This resulted in MIF becoming ubiquitous across Greater Manchester this summer, with coverage in London, New York, Berlin and Paris and achieving over 91 million impacts in total.

MIF 96 Sheet
Mancunian Way
The Loop
The Loop
Digital 48 London Road